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ZACU will offer Open Distance Learning (ODL) degree programmes at its Nahumba Campus in Choma beginning August 2019.

The University invites interested candidates with 5 ďOĒ levels to apply for any one of the following degrees:


Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies
with specializations in:

      Business Administration


      Human Resource Management


      ICT (Information Communication Technology)


Bachelor of Arts in Education
with Civic Education and ICT


Bachelor of Arts in Education
with ICT and Business


Application forms can be obtained from ZACUís Administrative Centre at Nahumba Mission in Choma (near Choma Secondary School).
Forms are also available by download at,
via Whatsapp or email, or by contacting the Administrative Centre at 0974573043.


The application fee is k150 and can be deposited in Zambian National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) in the following account:

      Zambian Christian University

      Account number:5685603500171


For more information, contact us by phone at any of the following cellphone numbers:

0966300175/0977881380/0978687635/ 0974573043


Philosophy and Academic Calendar


Philosophy. Zambian Christian University is a ďLiberal Arts Institution.Ē As such, we aim to educate students in a holistic manner, giving them broad knowledge, training them to think critically, and equipping them to be life-long self-learners who can adapt to the changing environments of todayís world.


Schedule. Students who enroll to study in ZACUís Open Distance Learning programmes will spend four weeks per term in on-campus academic activities. These include:lectures, conversations with lecturers, study in the library, work in the computer laboratory, tutorial opportunities, review sessions, and assessment times.


The 2019 August Term will begin on 26th August with a 2-week residential session. During this session, students will meet in face-to-face instructional periods with ZACU lecturers and do academic work in the library and computer laboratory. Students are expected to report to ZACU@Nahumba on Sunday, 25th August.

At midterm, students will be given the opportunity of attending tutorial sessions held at the ZACU@Nahumba campus. At this same moment in time, students will take a midterm test to assess their progress. Participation in the tutorial sessions is optional; however attendance for the midterm test is required of all ZACU students.

At the end of the term, students will return to campus for a 3-day review session. Attendance at the 3-day review is required by all students. The 3-day review will be followed by final examinations for the courses of the term. Any student who has not completely paid all term fees will not be allowed to attend the 3-day review nor take the final examination.

For more information on ZACUís academic schedule, contact the Administrative Office.


Fees and Payment Options


ZACU Term Fees. include tuition plus some miscellaneous fees as follows:

      Tuition for one term = k3900

      One time fees (ID, student union fee, etc.) = k200

      Recurring term fees (internet, project fee, etc.) = k525

      Lodging and Food fees = k700

      Total fees for Term #1 = k5325


Payment. Students can pay everything at once or can pay by installment. If paying by installment, students must deposit no less than 50% of the total term fees in the ZACU bank account prior to reporting for the August residential session, and must bring a bank deposit slip to verify that their deposit has been made. 25% of the total fees must be paid before the midterm test in October. The remaining 25% of term fees is due before coming to the 3-day review at the end of the term.


Values and Expectations for Conduct


The programmes and policies of Zambian Christian University rest on the its institutional values:

1.  Academic excellence and active research

2.  Faith in the Bible as our foundation and source of inspiration

3.  Glorifying and worshipping God

4.  Serving others

5.  Proclaiming the Word of Christ

6.  Integrity (financially, academically and otherwise)

7.  Fostering accountability and transparency

8.  Actions that reflect the pursuit of peace and reconciliation

9.  The worth of the whole person (body, mind and soul)

10.                   Good stewardship of all our resources


ZACU welcomes students of any gender, from any background or faith, and from all ethnicities and nationalities. However, students are expected to abide by all university policies and the code of conduct set forth in ZACUís student handbook. Behavior at ZACU should be line with expectations of the Zambian Brethren in Christ Church. For example, attendance at ZACU chapels is mandatory for all students and a curfew will be maintained for students lodging on campus.

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